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Mon-Thu 11:30 a.m. - 1 a.m. | Fri-Sat 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m. | Sun 11:30 a.m. 12 a.m.


Brain-busting questions with drinks & good times.

Is your head full of random trivia knowledge? Are you a pro at answering hard questions like – “’I told you I was sick’ are the words carved onto whose gravestone?” – while becoming slowly intoxicated?

Crossfield’s popular pub quiz is a great reason to grab your brainiest friends and head out on a weeknight. 

The Hard facts:

Happening every Monday night starting at 8pm, Crossfield's hosts its pub quiz that has earned a cult following over the years. 20 questions, presented both in German & English, are put to teams made up of quiz junkies and good timers who were looking for something fun to do on a Monday night.

Monday 27th March, 2023, 8pm

4th Round Jackpot

All Questions correct worth €250,-

6x X-Field Beaver Duck 0,33l

6x X-Field Hopper Booze 2cl

6x Jumpys 

12x Bonita Cider 0,33l

1x beer mat

1x Beaver Duck T-Shirt

1x Beaver Duck Baseball Cap

6x Colt Front 0,33l

6x Bundaberg Ginger Beer 0,33l

1x Aussie Road Sign

1x Zirp Insects

6x Miller T-shirts

The Team with the most correct answers wins A Crossfield's Voucher worth €60,-

  • To make the competition fair and exciting, teams can unfortunately not be bigger than 6 members. If space or empty tables are available, we will try to split up big groups into smaller groups. If this is not possible, teams with more than 6 members are allowed to play, but will be exempted from winning any prizes.
  • Questions will be asked in both English and German, and answered in both English or German.
  • Zero marks will be given to answers not written clearly in pen and team names that cannot be read or are considered bad taste by the trivia master will not be announced.
  • A team would be considered cheating if one or more members of the team uses a mobile phone, any electronic communication device or reference material of any kind. This includes previous Trivia questions, diaries, newspapers and sharing information between teams.
  • To preserve Crossfields Trivia nights as a fun, fair and recreational competition, any team been found cheating will be disqualified from the round and will be unable to compete for any prizes for one subsequent round.
  • Any teams found cheating more than once, will be unable to compete in any future Trivia Competitions hosted by Crossfields.
  • If the winning result is shared by two or more teams, a play-off between those teams will take place and a winner declared at the discretion of the Quiz Master.
  • The final decision on any matter relating to the competition will rest with the quiz master and that decision will be respected.
Booze and a brain-busting quiz night with an awesome atmosphere sounds good to you?
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