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If ya’ haven’t had a Crossfield’s burger, ya’ haven’t lived

Right! Stop what you’re doing. Put down your phone. Pause your Spotify. Because if you haven’t had the burger at Crossfield’s, ya just haven’t lived. It’s a monster. One big, fat delicious monster. And they all come with fries.

Just picture that satisfied smile only a burger can inspire on your face right now.

Or try our fillet steak with pepper sauce, while our mixed meat plate will have you again and again saying – ‘I can’t believe I’m eating this’ – with a mouthful of kangaroo, crocodile, or grasshoppers. Oh, and our wasabi mayo will have your taste buds dancing to la cucaracha with the grasshoppers…wait, what?!

We’re waiting for ya’.

PS – wear your stretchy pants.