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YOU are an intensely sexy person.


HumanFish. Brewery, the pioneers of the Slovenian and European craft beer movement, make a range of true-to-style, session and specialty beers known for their drinkability.


Combat Wombat is a beer with character and flavour that is not backed up by a multi-million-dollar special ad campaign. You want a beer which is drinkable, will not remove paint from your walls, but leaves your taste buds lying back enjoying a post-coital cigarette. HUman Fish has rallied to the cause with this Session IPA. The idea is that you get all of the flavour, bitnerness and intensity of an IPA in a beer which you can enjoy with friends whilst bullshitting on about solving the world's problems: such as overthrowing the British monarchy in the name of Australian Republicanism, or how to perfect your googly on a particular sticky wicket. When the beer is gone and the BBQ has died down the world will be a better place....



  • BEERTYPE: Session IPA
  • ALCOHOL: 4,7%
  • IBU: 80
  • HOPS: Cascade, Galaxy, Citra, Aurora, Dana.
  • MALT: Pale Ale, Cara Blonde


0,33   €3,80

0,50   €5,20